Friday, May 17, 2013

Our last Two Days in Doha

Thursday morning we were at the State Mosque of Qatar by 9:00 to meet a man who was giving us a tour.  Rachel and Cherie had to put on black abayas on before they could enter the mosque.  Once in the mosque the tour guide explained Islam and their practices which include prayer time, 5 times a day.  We visited the library and the central mosque worship area.  The mosque is new, opened December 2011.

State Mosque of Qatar

View of City from Mosque
Dressed in Abaya for Mosque Visit - With guide from Virginia (American)

Mosque Prayer Area
After visiting the mosque we drove out into the desert almost halfway across the peninsula of Qatar to the Sheikh Faisal museum.  This museum is a collection of things that the Sheikh has been gathering for the last 40+ years.  We saw collections of furniture, old cars, Arabic rugs, swords, guns, clothing, a Syrian house, fossils and much more.  The collection is enormous and quite nicely displayed.  The museum is still in the development stage.  The whole compound will be a place to spend a day once it is finished.

Driving through the Desert
Sheikh Faisal Museum

Transporting Royalty in the days of camels and donkeys

Syrian House

Syrian House

Types of Burqas/Abayas

Bedouin Tent
Soccer Stadium in Desert

Back in Doha, Cal had a nap while Rachel and Cherie had a second a massage before we got back in the car heading to the Corniche, a water front promenade which extends several miles around the West Bay area. We boarded a Dhow boat for an evening ride around west bay which is where the Islamic Art Museum is located.  The time of the ride was well planned because we were able to see the bay in the setting sun and early darkness. Once we got off the boat we went to Applebees for a very tasty American Cowboy Burger, which is a real treat here in Doha. We figure this will be our last American food for several weeks!!

Dhow Boat for West Bay Cruise

Doha Skyline at Dusk

Islamic Center Museum

Riding a Skidoo in a Abaya

Skyline with Airplane Coming in

Friday morning we were up and back on the Corniche to meet one of Cherie’s friends and children to spend some time walking around the bay.  The heat became very oppressive by 9:00 forcing us to head toward "Jones the Grocer" for breakfast.  This is “the place” for ex-patriots to gather for breakfast. (Friday is like Sunday morning in the western world)  Everything was very tasty and enjoyed by all.  The restaurant became filled by the time we were finished and ready to leave.  After saying good-by we were on our way back to the apartment to spend time getting things together for the next leg of our trip and our dinner guest this evening.

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