Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pokhara Nepal - Thursday May 23, 2013

Well it is cooler here in Pokhara, but the humidity is still high. You sweat outside doing nothing!  This morning after breakfast we went to a water falls that eventually goes through a cave.  Even though the cave has cooler temperatures the humidity was higher.
Shopping in Pokhara

Devi's Falls

After the falls and cave, we drove up a mountain as far as possible, before hiking the rest of the way to the Japanese Peace Pagoda which overlooks Pokhara.  To our disappointment it was cloudy and hazy for good photos, but it gave us a beautiful view of the lake and city.  Plus we were able to view the terraced field up close.  Often pumpkins are planted among the corn plants.
Japanese Peace Pagoda

View from Pagoda

Building a new Trail

 Our next stop was Lakeside which is the main tourist spot!  Shops, shops, and more shops! We could have bought all the gear for climbing Mt Everest!! While at the Peace Pagoda we met two British people.  The one owns a restaurant here in Pokhara, which the other person said “was the best”, and the other gal works in Nepal for an NGO in childhood education.  While in Lakeside, we realized we were parked less than a block from the restaurant, so it became our lunch spot.  However the best part for me – they had clean toilets that smelled fresh!!!!!!!  I would not use one earlier due to the smell.  This has been an issue at different locations as a lot of the toilets are squat toilets, and as a woman you are very close to the smell.
Right now we are back at the hotel, enjoying our room, catching a nap, writing this blog, and it has started to rain!  Cal just bought more internet time, so we will post this blog and see whether we are able to send out photos.  If not, they will come at a later date.  Most nights when I have written, I have been so tired.  This afternoon I feel like I can think!
Shangri-La Village in Pokhara

Pool and Dinning Area

Omelet Chef

Our driver and Vehicle

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