Friday, October 30, 2015

Saturday, Oct 24, 2015 Independence Day, A Day in Mwandi

Thankfully there was electricity all night.  We definitely used our fan – it served two purposes, blowing hot air and creating white noise!! At about 2:00 we turned the fan so it was not blowing directly onto us as it was becoming cool, but we did not want to turn it off as we needed it for noise.
When are arrived yesterday, opened the vehicle door, the first noises we heard were dogs barking!  Oh did that bring back memories – dogs barking/howling half the night, then the chickens began crowing at 2:30/3:00!  Noise and more noise, that it was hard to sleep the first few nights until we were so tired that we slept through everything!! The chickens are still here! In fact, one hen has 6 cute little chicks.
Yesterday we became aware of the fact that today Sat, October 24 is Independence Day for Zambia from the UK in 1964 (the same year that Malawi received their independence). Well last night after work the party began!  We could hear the party half the night.  The last I heard was at 2:30 am, but the campers said it went on until 4:00 am. It was at 2:30 when I heard the first chickens crowing! But thankfully we had a fan making “white noise”, so the noises did not bother us – That is until a rooster crowed right outside my window at 6:30 this morning!!   At 6:00 this morning the fan stopped, so I knew the electricity was off – as to now long, we have no idea.
We had breakfast around 8:00 and were ready to walk to the center of the village by 9:00.  We walked along with the UK group.  While in the village we walked around the shops and open market, many of which were closed today because of the holiday.  We began walking back to H for O when we were met by a parade of school children with a band and some precision dance groups (precision African style).  They were dressed in their school uniforms when they performed.  We continued back to H for O and relaxed in the chalet until it was too hot to be indoors.  The electricity is still off so the fan is useless.  Outside finding shade is a premium at this time of year.  The leaves are off the trees and the news ones are still very small thus not providing much shade.  But I must say I think the new growth of leaves grew at least ½ inch overnight!
Sunrise over Mwandi

New Police Station

Any One for Lunch?

Chasing Cattle through the Shopping Area

One Bottom Plow

Dried Fish

Large Central Meeting Tree - Town Center

Women Selling Fish under The Tree

Independence Day Parade

Lady Dressed for the day
The electricity came back on at 2:00 as scheduled.  At 1:15 we went on a drive to the Zambezi river.  It is very low right now.  Everyone is hoping for a good rainy season, although the prediction is for the next two years to be very dry and hot.  On our way back from the river we went past the mud hut we built in 2010.  We saw a lady, one of the girls who helped in 2010, and four children.  The have built a reed fence around the hut and added a round storage hut.  It is nice to see them taking care of their home.
We returned to the camp, hung out, drinking plenty of water, took a nice shower, and were ready for a dinner of beef stroganoff at 6:00.  After dinner we worked with photos until it was time for bed.
It is amazing how it cools down at night.  This morning I needed more than a sheet, but there was nothing other than a bath towel to spread over me.  It was a perfect weight for the warmth I needed. 

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