Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015; South Luangwe National Park – Day Two of Game Drives

We had electricity all night long so our cameras and all of our other electronics are charged and ready to go.  Plus, the most pleasant aspect is that the fan ran all night (until we turned it off between 2-3:00 am).  The fan also acted as white noise so we did not hear all the night time noises. However, when I was up in the night to use the toilet, I saw a mother hippo and her baby out in front of our chalet.  The wake-up call came at 5:00am (way too early for Rachel) which gave us sufficient time to get ready for the game drive with breakfast and hot tea/coffee. Before we left on the drive we were able to find the couple who are riding bicycle to South Africa, to say good-by to them.

At parks like this you find all types of peoples.  Visiting with them has been extremely interesting. Many of them work for NGO’s here in Africa, teach at schools here in Africa, or are on business here in Africa.   One gal we visited with on Sunday graduated from Luther College in Decorah (many years ago), she now works for a government agency in Zambia. But one of the most interesting was a couple (she is American, he is Canadian), who live in Paris.  They began riding bicycles in Paris and hope to be in Cape Town South Africa within 3 years!!  They carry everything with them on the bikes!  They had extremely interesting stories, (two of which include gun fire between waring tribes in Sudan and again in Kenya) and now they have the story of the elephant pushing through the screen on their window and pulling one of his bike bags.     

There were three of us in the vehicle for the morning game drive.  The South Luangwa National Park is a large area, but because it is so so dry, the animals are all near the river. The game drives take us to the same areas and hopefully different animals will be seen on the way.  The buffalo carcass was still being worked on by the Hyenas and vultures.  It is starting to develop a strong smell – as you can imagine in this heat!  Our Leopard has gone to another location so we did not see him this morning. We found the two prides of lions, both resting.  We wonder if the second pride had not had a good meal of a warthog during the night – they seemed extremely content. 

Leopard Relaxing after Dining on an Impala

Night View

Leopard in a Tree

The electricity remains on so taking a nap today was reasonable.  A wet towel draped over your shoulders or on your legs feels so good.  I dampen a small microfiber towel to put on numerous places to help cool me - around my neck, on my wrists, place at the back of my knees, and the inside of my elbows. 

This afternoon a group of 15 school kids (ages 13-16) arrived from a school in the Capital City of Lusaka.  The pool was full of noisy kids!  We left on the evening game drive again at 3:30. We found larger herds of buffalo and elephants tonight, saw a beautiful sunset by the river while having “sundowners”. 


Buffalo Herd - Approximately 300

Guinea Fowl

Fish Hawk

Lilac Breasted Roller

Carmine Bee Eaters

A Wise Owl

Ox Peckers on an Impala

The electricity has remained on all day, and night!!  Having an electric fan in this heat is most important.

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