Friday, October 30, 2015

Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015: A Slow Sunday in Mwandi

Cal was up by 6:00, but not in time to see the sun rise.  Because we have been going to bed so early it has been hard to stay in bed very late in the morning for Cal.  Rachel is still struggling with her sleep and has been sleeping well in the morning when it finally cools off.
After breakfast we just sat around in the shade of whatever we can find, trying to keep cool.  The group from the UK was planning to trek up-river to a site where they would camp for the night.  But due to the heat they were driven to the location at around 9:00 am.
Due to the heat we did not want to go to an African church where they sit for 2-3 hours.  Instead we stayed at the H for O site.  There are churches on either side of the property and we enjoyed hearing their singing – usually in harmony.  It is interesting, each person has to carry his chair to church with them. They walk down the road carrying their plastic chair.  Most churches have no doors or windows due to needing ventilation, so it is not safe to leave chairs or benches at the church –they could disappear. 
The Zambezi River

Dugout Canoes on the River
Mwandi Street

Our 2010 Hut

Grandmother, Daughter and Children Living in the Hut

Tiger Fish Fishing Country

The Zambezi River

After lunch we just struggled to stay cool. The daily temp is 100 + degrees and there is no A/C. At around 3:30, Emma, a lady who has worked here as a volunteer many times arrived on the bus. After she had time to settle-in, we drove to the lodge near to where the UK group was located.  The Shackleton's Lodge is considered a 5-star lodge by Mwandi standards.  They host fishing expeditions - fishing for the tiger fish in the Zambezi River.  Because it is so hot and the river is low, the fishing has not been very good lately however today two big ones were caught.
We are really concerned how we will be able to work on a mud hut in this heat this week.  We will go to the site at around 8:00 am.  We know for sure we will not be working in the afternoon – it will take us all afternoon to recoup from the morning heat.  We will take plenty of water and will wrap the frozen water bottles in bath towels to help insulate them from the heat.  It is amazing how much we drink in a day and yet do not go to the bathroom all that often!  We do not want to get dehydrated at any point. 

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