Friday, October 23, 2015

Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015: Travel to Livingston, Zambia

Today Cal got up at 6:00 am, after the game drive people we gone, and he worked on photos - making sure all have been downloaded and identifying the ones to post.  We are having difficulty with Wi-Fi so we have not been able to post anything on our BlogSpot.

As usual the day started off with a nice temperature but by the time Rachel was up, 8:00 am, it was starting to warm up.  By 10:00 it was right down HOT!! 

We went into the village of Mfuwe to see a Women’s Center where they provide work for ladies. The ladies sew all sorts of bags, and other items.  The item we wanted to see is the kits they make that are similar to the “Days for Girls” kits - we brought 30 kits along and left them with Justin in Malawi.  The kits they are making are different in some ways but similar in others.  The pattern for these kits were brought here by several ladies from the UK. We don’t know if it is an organized organization, or just the ideas of a few ladies. The kits use the same moisture barrier material (PUL) as is used in the Days for Girls shields.  I asked where they bought their PUL – in Africa or elsewhere.  They have theirs sent from the UK.  While in South Africa I really want to look at fabric shops and ask as to whether there is any availability in S Africa.  Jane in Malawi is very interested in getting the PUL material so ladies in Malawian villages can sew them.  Ladies have simple sewing machines and they love to sew.  If a little entrepreneurial shop can be set up so ladies can earn an income it would be great.

The girls in affluent villages near cities, are not interested in these kits, as they buy disposable products for themselves, but the situation in rural villages are totally different. They are thrilled for the kits. I will be making further contacts regarding all of this so I can get the info to Jane. 

Our taxi arrived at 10:45, we said good bye, and drove to the airport. Our flight from Mfuwe left on time at 12:45. This is a simple airport, but there was x-ray of all luggage.  Lusaka the capital city had a much nicer airport and it was very busy.     We arrived in Livingston on time and found our connection at the airport to take us to “The Green Tree Lodge”.

The Green Tree Lodge is very nice and operated by a Rotarian.  We settled into our room, went for a dip in the pool to cool off and then had dinner at the lodge restaurant before we turned in for the evening.    
Our Airplane to Livingston
Preparing for Independence Day Celebration

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