Friday, October 30, 2015

Tuesday, Oct 27,2015: Day Two working on the Mud Hut – Returning the Livingston

Last night proved to be very challenging.  The electricity was on all night but it was extremely HOT!!  We tried everything we could to get the chalet to cool off with no success.  Finally, at around 2:30 it cooled enough that we could sleep.  Cal heard some mosquitoes so he used the netting.

Cal was up at 5:45 so he could take some sunrise photos.  After breakfast, we were off to the hut at around 8:00.  It is already getting hot.  The total group was at the hut working on tying the horizontal sticks.  Rachel continued to cut the nylon strings into manageable lengths for them to be used to tie sticks, while Cal helped tie the sticks, starting at the gable end of the outside wall.  We worked until 10:00.  We then returned to the camp so we could pack and be ready to leave for Livingston.
Final Sunrise over Mwandi
Old Style Hut on Left
Continuing to tie Cross Sticks
UK Girls and Chaperones at Work

Daughter doing Dishes
As we said, yesterday we have decided to return to Livingston because of the continuous heat.  We had our bags packed and were ready to return to Livingston at around 10:30. Matt, one of the staff, drove us back with the Toyota because it had AC.  Well, the AC worked for about the first third of the 2-hour drive.  By the time we reached Livingston it was getting very hot in the vehicle.  We did have a little rain on the windshield on our drive back.  This rain seemed to cool things a little bit. Everyone is waiting on the rains to begin, as with them, things will cool down.  They are definitely hoping for a good rainy season, as the rivers are so low (30 years low) and the areas where animals come for water are dry or drying up. 
We were very happy to be back at Green tree lodge and the AC, at least until 2:00 when the electricity went off.  The electricity was off from 2:00 pm until 10:00pm today.  Green Tree has a generator, but we did not run the A/C until 10:00pm.  We enjoyed taking several dips in their pool to cool off- it was wonderful.  We sat in the shade by the pool reading and working with the internet when there was a strong enough signal. As the name implies there are green trees with lots of shade at the Green Tree Lodge. 
Green Tree Lodge

Our Chalet
Because of our change of plans to return to Livingston early we are trying to change the time of our flights and reservations taking us to Namibia.  We have been able to change the flights now it is time to change the hotel and car reservations.  The internet is unpredictable so it has been a challenge to work through all of these changes.
Tomorrow we plan to visit Victoria falls.

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