Friday, October 23, 2015

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015: South Luangwe National Park – Day Three of Game Drives

Rachel decided she had to sleep in this morning.  These early mornings are beginning to get to her – lack of sleep!  Cal was up and ready for the 6:00 drive.  As I have said earlier, EVERY game drive is different. This morning they saw a huge herd of buffalo (250-300), including calves; a larger herd of elephant with a baby less than a year old; a baby giraffe that was nursing; 2 different leopards – one in a tree and the other one was walking; and the two lion cubs with their mother.

Rachel had a relaxing morning, sleeping in until 9:00 – It was cool with no need for a fan after 1:00am.  I have caught up on writing this blog.       

We had an interesting chat with a Scottish couple (father & daughter) who are working with NGO’s in Malawi.  They were able to shed light on the history of Malawi, and they definitely wonder what the future holds for the country. It was an interesting chat with someone who has worked in Malawi since soon after its independence in 1964 (the year Cal graduated from High School. 

And Zambia…  Its currency right now is so fluid.  In one day it changed from 10 Zambian Kwacha for 1 USD to 12 Z Kwacha.  6 months ago it was 6 to 1. 

One of the Ugly five - Warthog

Hippos in the River


Waterbuck with toilet seat on their rear end

This evening the game drive was rather uneventful, but we saw at least 6 hyenas, another large herd of buffalo (150), lots of giraffe, 1 leopard hidden in a tree so all we could see was his tail, elephants, but no lions.  Tonight was our last game drive here in the park. We have taken soooo many photos, it is hard to know which ones to post on this site. 

Vultures and Hyenas on the carcass



Tomorrow we fly out to Livingston, via Lusaka, the Capital City of Zambia.

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