Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grand Isle to Galliano LA - Saturday, June 15, 2013

It is warm and humid!   When we walked out of our motel room this morning, our glasses fogged over!  Thank goodness the temperature was not hot!  We had a great breakfast in a local Mom & Pop café, where it was obvious the locals go to eat – everyone stared as we entered!

The Motel We Were at Overnight
Gulf of Mexico from Grand Isle State Park
Fishing Boats off Grand Isle Coast

Dipping tire in The Gulf of Mexico
We decided that since we probably won’t get back to Grand Isle, we might as well take the time to visit Grand Isle State Park.  Due to the thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon we were not able to explore the area as we had planned.  We also dipped the rear wheel of the bike in the Gulf on the Grand Isle beach before driving to Port Fourchon.  We were concerned as to whether it was possible to get onto the beach at Port Fourchon, since it is an industrial area.  In fact we could not get onto the beach, but it was due to construction, not industry. 

On The Road Again

Walkway to House
Herron on Walkway

Oil Platform

This morning was sunny, but not completely clear.  By the time Cal rode his first mile it was very warm.  He rode over the first bridge, but we drove across the toll bridge.  He began riding as soon as possible. There were a few short locations where the shoulder along the highway was not wide enough, so I was a pilot car in those situations.  Louisiana Hwy #1 follows along the side of a canal – a busy working canal.  At one spot I stopped to watch them unload a boatload of shrimp.  The guys had been out shrimping for two nights.  Other boats along the canal were cleaning, fixing and prepping.  Bridges would open for tugs to push barges down the canal.  It was interesting watching daily life along the canal.

Shrimp Boat at the Dock

Unloading the Shrimp Boat

$1.89 per pound Shrimp

$4.95 per pound Shrimp

The temperature was climbing and with the humidity by noon it felt like 100+ instead of just 90!   By noon when we arrived in Galliano, Cal was hot. There are several nice hotels in this area so we decided to stop for the day.   There is no sense for Cal to get overheated his very first day out.  We have had a very cool spring in Iowa so that Cal has not been riding in any heat, plus Cal really does not have a lot of training miles under his belt.  We were gone to Nepal when he should have been out riding.   

Moving a Coast Guard Ship

Notice the Narrow Space Between Highway and Canal
Draw Bridge

Tomorrow Cal plans to get up and start riding much earlier than this morning.  He will ride for approximately an hour before I catch up to him and we stop for breakfast. 

            Tonight we looked for a Mom & Pop restaurant in the area.  We were told about two different locations.  We selected one and when we walked in we looked at each other.  We were in this same restaurant in Feb of 2011.  We were in New Orleans with friends for Marti Gras that year and one day we took off for a drive south of the city.   That day we stopped at this café for lunch! 

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