Sunday, June 30, 2013

Natchez Trace – Columbia, TN to Kingston Springs, TN - Sunday, June 30, 2013

           We finished the Natchez Trace!!  Actually there were only 442 miles – don’t know where they come up with the 444 miles.    

But before we finished I stopped at Liepers Fork – ½ of the motorcycles in the county were there – a Sunday ride with breakfast in Liepers Fork.  I was there before any of the gift shops and antique shops were open, what a bummer!  However, the Dukes of Hazard gang must have been in town – saw their cars parked there along the main road!!  Even the sheriff! (from the 1980's TV show) 

Farther along the Trace is the beautiful double arched bridge.  Note – Cal is on the bridge.  We saw lots of wild turkeys today.  It was a beautiful drive, but more hilly. 
Approaching the Double Arched Bridge

Natchez Trace Double Arched Bridge

Cal on the Double Arched Bridge
After lunch at Loveless Café – the other ½ of the motorcycles were there, we continued driving cross country on curvy hilly back country roads past some beautiful homes and farms.  It was a lovely drive. There were lots of horse farms with black wooden fences.  I quick snapped the photo of the horses before Cal came by, as they turned to watch this ‘creature’ go down the road.  We continued to Kingston Springs, where we stopped for the day.   

Finishing The Natchez Trace

Loveless Café (two hour wait)

Tomorrow we will continue cross country north toward Kentucky.                      

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