Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Natchez Trace – Kosciusko, MS to Starkville, MS - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

           Again, today, the Trace did not go near any major towns! 

Tall Southern Pine
On the trace we went past French Camp.  They have moved several of the old inns that were located in the vicinity into a heritage park area.  One was more modern than the others, plus they had other old buildings from the area. 

The village of French Camp also has an academy – elementary, middle and high school.  It was begun by the Presbyterian Church in the mid 1850’s, but now it is a nondenominational school, with boarding facilities.  I drove through the campus and the size of it surprised me, as the town of French Camp has nothing. 

French Camp Visitors Cabin

Old Inn along The Trace

Old Inn Moved to French Camp
On the Trace we drove through an area that was 5+ miles long where a tornado went through in April 2011.  You can see the damage in the photos.

The Old Trace

After Cal stopped riding we drove 25 miles to the town of Starkville for a hotel.  Starkville is the home of Mississippi State University.  After dinner tonight we drove around the campus.  Mississippi State University is definitely the major influence in Starkville.  It just so happens they are in the championship game of the college World Series being played in Omaha NE right now.  There was Bulldog fever everywhere. 

Today I saw three deer and a snake, Cal saw the same snake plus two more crossing the road!  I also drove to the highest point in Mississippi.    

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