Monday, June 24, 2013

Natchez Trace - Jackson, MS to Kosciusko, MS – Monday June 24, 2013

            This morning was lovely.  The Trace goes along the beautiful reservoir north of Jackson.  There was a slight breeze coming out of the south and the temperature was perfect, at least for the first few hours. 

            I took Cal to the Trace just a few miles from the hotel and then I returned to the hotel for my breakfast and checking out.  When our overnight accommodations are close to the Trace or where ever Cal stops, he has been getting up, eating a little at the hotel before I get up to get him on his way.  If he can leave from the hotel, great, if not, I take him to the starting point and then I return to the hotel. 

            We are in a part of Mississippi where there are not many towns near the Trace, so I finished reading a book and later started another one.  I did take two walks in “Nature areas” along the Trace.  The one was a swamp and the other was a southern pine forest.

Ross Barnett Reservoir

The Old Trace

Tupelo Swamp

Boundries of Indian Tribes
At the end of the day I did go to a museum in Kosciusko –This town is named for Thaddeus Kosciusko who was a 30 year old freedom fighter and military engineer from Poland who came to the US in August of 1776 to help this new Union of colonies win against Britain.  He fought all 7 years of the American Revolution. This General was a war strategist and specialized in fortifications.   This is the only town in the US named for him, and there is a statue of him in Detroit.   There are several locations in Poland named for him as he returned to help Polish freedom fighters.   

Black-Eyed Susan Flowers Along the Road

For those who are interested, Kosciusko is the birthplace of Oprah Winfrey.

That is all for tonight!  Not too much exciting happened today. 

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