Friday, June 28, 2013

Natchez Trace - Tuscumbia, AL to Napier, TN - Friday, June 28, 2013

            We had a change in the weather overnight!  Yesterday was unbearable, and this morning was so cool and beautiful, 76 degrees.  Wow what a relief!  After a quick breakfast which I made with the items in the refrigerator, we were back on the Trace.  The temperature was wonderful however there was more and more cloud cover the farther north we went and the clouds were getting very heavy!  After we crossed the Tennessee River it began raining, so we pulled into a pull-off by the river and waited for 2 hours until the rain passed.  By then the temperature was down to 72.  We ate an early lunch so Cal could get on the road.  He then rode till 4:00 – the latest he has been on the road for this trip.  By then the temp was up to 86, but it was still comfortable.   He did not get as far on the Trace as he had hoped for our overnight reservation.  We just simply drove to where we needed to be.

Tennessee River Bridge


Enduring the Rain - Enjoying the Cooling Change
          We are at a farm-stay B&B.  The gal had a new studio (art) built out on a farm that has been in the family for at least 3 generations, and she added space for 3 B & B rooms.  She just opened in February of 2013 - Buffalo River B&B.  The cattle with their calves are just across the fence!  In fact two parties have driven in this afternoon/evening to tell her that a cow in on the road.  It happens to not be hers, but a neighbor’s, whose fences need repairing. 

           Today we crossed into the State of Tennessee.  As you can see from the photos I hiked by some streams of water.
State Line - Notice the line of trees on the line





         Tonight after dinner in Mt Pleasant, TN we returned to the B&B and sat on the porch to watch the sun set.  This B&B is so lovely and comfortable.       

Buffalo River B&B


Beautiful Stream along the Trace



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  1. Love your blog, Rachel!! Great pictures of your travels in Tennessee. Thank you for sharing.