Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Natchez Trace – Starkville, MS to Tupelo, MS - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

            Tonight we are in Tupelo, MS.  Today the Trace ride continues to be in an area where there are no towns. 

I asked a Park Assistant who was stopped at a pull-out area, about the tornado damage we saw yesterday.  The April 2011 tornado actually followed the Trace for 7 miles doing extensive damage. There were several tornados in the area that day.  Due to the damage done to trees along the Trace, they had loggers come in to help with the removing of trees.  The trace remained closed for several months.   We saw (yesterday’s photos) the trees yesterday after two seasons of renewed growth.  He told me “you cannot imagine how things looked”!

Yesterday we saw where they are building a new school just off the Trace.   This school was heavily damaged by the tornado and is only now being rebuilt.  This tornado system did extensive damage across 3 southern States. 

After visiting with the Park Assistant, I realized Cal had ridden on the Trace in March of 2011 and the tornado came through a month later! In listening to the news in April 2011 we did not realize how much this tornado affected the Trace.

Another look at The Old Trace

By the time Cal stopped riding today it was 92 degrees that with humidity, felt like 100!   Cal has to stop by 1:30 due to this heat.  Cal rode 55 miles today. 

We have made reservations at a B & B for tomorrow night that is about 60 miles from where he stopped today.  Cal can tell he is getting stronger, which he needs, as he is encountering more hills the farther north we go. 
The photos today show Indian burial mounds, and we will see more of them later.   

Indian Burial Mounds

View Across the Prairie

New Crops on the Prairie

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