Thursday, June 20, 2013

Saint Francisville, LA to Natchez, MA - Thursday, June 20, 2013

            We were thrilled to see the sun this morning! It’s amazing what makes us happy!  It was extremely humid after the rain and there actually a fog or mist that needed to be burned off by the sun.  I hope my one photo shows this.  Also that early in the morning the sun was shining through the Spanish moss.  I hope my photos will give you the feel of the morning.

The Oaks - Private Plantation

Saint Francisville Inn with Spanish Moss in the Sunlight
            The highway through St Francisville did not have a shoulder so I was pilot car for a while.  Once we were out of town there was a beautiful wide shoulder.  Yesterday we talked to a sheriff about the road.  He told us it was beautiful for riding bike.  Well he was telling us about Louisiana – NOT Mississippi.  The minute we crossed into Mississippi the paved shoulder STOPPED!!!  HORRORS!  It was of course gravel!  I piloted Cal again until we could turn off.  We caught a curvy back road, which was barely traveled.  However at one point this road turned into gravel!  Cal rode a short while but then he loaded the bike on the rack, and we drove the last 2 miles!

            Cal rode until we were a couple miles south of Natchez, Mississippi.  Today was his longest ride – 50 miles. 

            After refreshing we drove around Natchez.  We have been here several times before.  This time we did not tour any of the homes, but we found the National Cemetery.  We also drove to Natchez “Down Under” – the part of the city that is down by the river.  We did not visit the casino that is also down there!

Entering Mississippi

Dunleith Antebellum House - Natchez, MS

National Cemetery

Crepe Myrtle Bush in full Bloom

            Someone had told us to check out the Roux 61 Grill & Seafood restaurant.  Wow was it good!
Sunset over the Mississippi River
Mississippi River Bridge at Natchez, MS

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