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Friday, June 12, 2014: Formosa, Argentina to Corrientes, Argentina.

The group decided that Friday morning we would meet for breakfast at 9:30, after that we would pack and plan to leave the hotel between11-12:00.  We planned accordingly, such as sleeping-in (!), and taking our time to get ready in the morning. Our daughter Cherie wanted to SKYPE sometime so we emailed her Thursday night to say that tomorrow morning would be a great time to chat.  Argentina is 2 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone and so we are closed to Cherie’s time zone than being at home.    

It was approximately 12:00 when we left the lovely Howard Johnson hotel for the drive to Corrientes, Argentina.  It was a drive of over 2 hours.  Again the topography was table top flat, with grazing and wetlands.  There are small settlements along the way but they are not towns.  It was approximately 4:00 when we arrived at Nenu’s home in Corrientes.  Nenu planned for Cal and me to stay with her in her home that had been a family home for over 200 years.  It really is a typical Argentine home with a large veranda/galleria (porch) off a patio/courtyard area.  The rooms of the home surround the galleria.  Nenu has not been to the house since November, so she was opening the house up as we arrived. 

They are as careful about locking their homes and cars in Argentina as they are in South Africa.

Around 8:00 we went for a walk downtown.  This was Friday evening so the town was full of people, and all of the stores were open.  We found a nice ice cream shop for our evening snack, before returning to the house.

Another General San Martin Statue in Formosa

The Formosa Central Park

Paraguay River Front in Formosa

The Paraguay River

Formosa Street Art

The Flat Argentine Countryside

Palm Groves along the Highway
Sunset over the Parana River - Corrientes

Group Photo in the Corrientes Casino
Motorcycle parking downtown Corrientes

A little girl with her ice cream at the Ice Cream Shop

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