Friday, June 19, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015: Corrientes to Paso De La Patria and Back

We are adjusting real well to this Argentine life of sleeping in! Finally at about 11:00 the gang was ready to go!  We drove about 45 minutes to Paso De La Patria.  It is a village along the Parana River near the confluence of the Parana and Paraguay Rivers. After a lovely lunch on the Galeria (veranda) of the restaurant they took us on a boat ride to see the confluence of the rivers, before stopping at a sandy island where we walked on the beach.

Our Restaurant in Paso De La Patria

Our Boat and Captain

The Confluence of the Parana and Paraguay Rivers

River Barges brought here from the Mississippi River

The Island we Visited
We returned to Corrientes in time to relax and change before going to another of Nenu’s friends for a Asado (BBQ).  It is interesting how each home has a built-in brick BBQ place in their back yard (courtyard), and often they have a wood-fired pizza oven nearby for pizzas, bread or baked potatoes.  The BBQ grill has a crank to raise and lower the grate that holds the meat.  They begin a wood fire hours in advance, so there are beautiful coals when they place the meat on the grate.  They plan for the meat to cook at least 3 hours. 

Tonight we had 2 kinds of sausages, plus blood sausage (not for us!).  There were two kinds of ribs and two other cuts of meat, plus pork belly (bacon).  They do not have many side dishes with their meat – usually potatoes (mashed or fried) or mandioca (this is the root from which tapioca is made).  The mandioca is usually boiled, but it can be fried in strips that are larger than French fries.  They often serve a salad of simple lettuce, but due to not being sure of the quality of water in which it is washed we are being very careful with salads.  We do not have time to be sick.  So far everyone has been doing well. 

The Courtyard of Nenu's Friend's House

The Husband of Nenu's Friends Niece - Our Chef with his Courtyard Grill - 3 Hours of Work
We had a lovely visit with Nenu’s friends over our wonderful meal.  We finished with a desert of pears slowly cooked in red wine or cider and a piece of papaya fruit that was simmered in a sugar-syrup.  Delicious!!   Again it is late until we finished our meal.  

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