Monday, June 22, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina to Foz do Iguacu, Brazil:

This morning will be our last moments with the group of Iowa Rotarians.   We will be going to Brazil today whereas the group will be driving back to Asuncion, Paraguay to catch their flight to Iowa tomorrow.  We have reservations at a Best Western in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil for tonight, as we fly out of the Fos do Iguacu airport in the morning to continue our trip to Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

At breakfast we said good-bye to our traveling buddies for these past 10 days.  In that time period we have experienced a down-home feel for Argentina as we have been hosted by Argentineans. Our Rotarian guide Nenu tried hard to have us experience her country and we thank her so much for an insiders feel.   In that time period we have eaten lots of BBQ’ed meat, tasted different foods and been in the homes of Argentineans.  

We lingered at the St George Hotel in Puerto Iguazu to respond to emails, and SKYPE our daughter.  At 11:00 a taxi took us across the border to Brazil. Immigration was simple as we had our visa paperwork in order.  For North Americans to go into Brazil a visa is required, and needs to be purchased ahead of entry.  The taxi took us to the Best Western Hotel in Fos do Iguacu, however our room was not ready, so we decided to go to the Falls on the Brazilian side immediately.  Our taxi driver was more than willing to take us to the Falls, and while we were there (for 2 ½ hours) he went home, ate and returned at 2:30, the appointed time.    

The White Boat in the Background is where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil come together

Rachel standing on the Argentine-Brazil Border
On the Brazilian side, after you enter the National Park, you take a bus (instead of a train) to the different locations.  From the point where the bus stops you walk to viewing platforms across the river from where we were yesterday. Yesterday we thought we had fully experienced the Falls, but, Wow! Wow! Wow! And that does not describe it!  On the Brazilian side you have a full view of the Falls, whereas on the Argentine side you walk over the river and over the falls, and do not have the full view. Seeing the Falls from both sides is a must.  There are no words to describe the Falls – you need to experience them yourself.  We have seen Niagara Falls, & Victoria Falls (in Africa), but these are unbelievable.     

Hotel on the Brazilian Side of the Falls

Our First View from Brazil

Panorama of some of the Falls

Imagine the Turbulence

Another Panorama

Rainbow looking into The Diablo - Devil's Throat

Looking Downriver from The Diablo

Looking down on The Falls in Brazil
We returned to our Best Western Hotel for a late lunch and a relaxing evening, trying to catch up on this blog, downloading photos, etc.  Tomorrow morning we fly out at 9:00 am for Belo Horizonte, Brazil to visit the former Rotary Exchange student, Pedro, who lived with us in the 90’s.    

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