Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015: Buenos Aires to Asuncion, Paraguay

Our flight is this afternoon from Buenos Aires to Asuncion, Paraguay.  We understand it takes an hour by taxi to the International Airport located south of the city.  We decided to sleep in and have a late breakfast before packing.  It was a relaxing morning, and then we began the hour journey to the airport.  The hotel called a taxi that charges a flat fee for the airport run.  He had a new vehicle and a driver who spoke good English by Argentina standards.

We arrived in Asuncion, Paraguay a little late, bought our visa and went through immigration.  After claiming our luggage we were surprised to be greeted by one of the Iowa Rotarians we were meeting here in Asuncion (we were expecting a local Rotarian). The other 3 had already been taken to the hotel, as they had just completed the overnight journey from the U.S. and were tired. There is a group of 6 Iowans who will be traveling together for the next 9 days in Paraguay & Argentina. We are here for the purpose of visiting a Global Grant project that is completed in Paraguay, plus visit other Rotary Clubs and sight-see in the area. 

What a surprise when we disembarked the plane - it was hot and humid in Asuncion.  As we were flying into the area, we saw lots and lots of water standing in lowlands and areas along the rivers.  The floodplains of the rivers in the area were definitely flooding.  The local Rotarian who drove us to the hotel said they have had lots and lots of rain in the past month.  

We were taken to Hotel Chaco in downtown Asuncion.  The Rotary Club we will be visiting tonight meets right here at this Hotel.  We had until 9:00 pm to relax and be ready for tonight’s meeting.  Since we knew the meeting would be over at a late hour we each took a short nap.  It was 9:15 when the meeting began and it was 10:15 before we were served our meal of pepper beef and rice (this is the first rice we have had). The meal was delicious and the meeting was celebratory. They shared with us their ideas for a potential Rotary Global Grant project. They were thrilled to have guest from the U.S. and showed us generous hospitality. We were back in our room around 12:00.

The group of 6 Iowan’s, are ourselves, another couple and two singles.  Three of them are from Iowa City, one from Davenport and Cal & I from Mt Pleasant.  We will be renting a van tomorrow for our travels, the next 9 days.

Recognizing Flags - Argentina, Paraguay, Rotary

At the Rotary Meeting

Exchanging Club Banners

Cal With a 2009-10 DG Classmate from Paraguay and Club President

Group Photo

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