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Saturday, May 30, 2015 Santiago – Dedication of the new Trewhela School

The Chileans are not early risers in the morning, but then again it is not dawn until 8:00am - it is winter down here.  The Inaugural ceremonies for the new Trewhela School is today, in the northern part of Santiago.  By 10:45 we needed to be dressed and on the road for the ceremonies, but also ready to go to Valparaiso & Vina Del Mar on the west coast of Chile for the weekend. Our host has a vacation condo in Vina.

Street Performer at a stop light

Trewhela School

The ceremonies at the school were lovely, (approximately 200 invited guests,) with kids preforming musical numbers (mostly in English). This school and the one we visited in town, is privately owned by our host and his 4 siblings.  The new facilities are modern and great - lovely classrooms, athletic facilities, playgrounds, etc.  At this moment the school has only Nursery through 3rd grade.  Now with the new facilities they will be continue to add a grade level each year.  It was an impressive facility. 

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, there were cocktails and heavy appetizers.  It was surprising the number of people who introduced themselves to us in English – especially local Rotarians and friends of our host.  During the ceremonies it was great that we could sit with the daughter of our co-host – her English is great.

After the cocktails, and after the guest had left, we went with our host a few miles to the home of his niece and family.  She is the oldest daughter of the oldest owner sibling.  They built a beautiful (USA $1 million) home on a golf course and just moved-in this past January.  The owners (except 1) and most of the cousins were in attendance – It was a lovely family dinner. Only a few of the friends and spouses of the family did not feel comfortable speaking English. Most everyone had excellent English. The food was delightful, especially the desserts! 

Our Host'2 Niece's House

The Four Siblings

Dessert - As Good as it Looks
It was 5:45 when we left for Valparaiso on the coast, arriving there at around 7:20. During the drive through (tunnels) and over the coastal mountain range, we saw large valleys with huge vineyards, and wineries. As you near Valparaiso there are houses spread up and over the coastal range of mountains, and up and down the coastline. It is a very populated area – hanging on the coast.  Our host's apartment is on the 18th floor overlooking the Pacific Coastline.  Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar are now one large coastal city, however Valparaiso is Chile’s major shipping port.   Tomorrow we will be having a tour of the whole area.  

It was 9:00 tonight when we left for the Casino so our co-host could play some slots.  While she was there, our host and we walked above the rocky coast.  The sunset had not been the best tonight – it was too cloudy and hazy, but as we walked we enjoyed listening and watching the waves simply crashing onto the rocks.  You can feel the immensity of their power, even in the dark!  All night we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks – we slept well. 
Sunset at Vina Del Mar  over the Pacific

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