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Saturday, June 13, 2015: Corrientes with Daniela De Garate and Husband

Plans had been made to meet Daniela De Garate and her husband Fernando today.  Daniela was a Rotary exchange student in Mt Pleasant, 1999-00.  She was in Mt Pleasant the first year the high school was in the new building south of town.  We had lost all contact with her (she lost everything on her computer), but due to having her Rotary Exchange Student business card in our exchange student file, we finally made contact with her.  Cal & I will spend the day with Daniela and Ferd while the rest of the group does other things. 

It was absolutely wonderful to see Daniela again.  As with all exchange students, it is always great to meet them 10-15 years later, when they are mature adults instead of teenagers (however to be an exchange student you are quite mature at that age) - this was the case again. Daniela is a delightful young lady.  Daniela and Fred live about an hour and a half from Corrientes.  They drove to Corrientes arriving at our host around 10:00. We had such an enjoyable day with her and her husband. They have two children, a 3 year old boy, and a 5 month old girl. They left their 3 year old son with Grandma for the day, bringing the baby with them.  Their baby girl was so good all day.  She did not cry one time!
Daniela, Fernando and Catalina
As is often the case, people do not visit sites near their home, so several of the places we visited were places they have never seen. Beside several churches and small museums, we visited the Corrientes Theater.  Oh, what a lovely place.  The cupola in the theater was beautifully painted with scenes of historic Argentina. 
Cathedral in Corrientes

Ceiling of the Cathedral

Park in Corrientes

Another San Martin Statue

Government Building - Casa de Gobierno

Entering the Building


Walking along a Corrientes Park - Tree Lined

Inside Museum, Museo de Artesania Tradicional Folklorica - An Old House Courtyard

Courtyard of another Museo

Corrientes Theater - Teatro Oficial Juan De Vera

Foyer of the Theater

Cupola of Theater - Painted by Nenu's friend Jose Ramirez, 2005

We spent several hours here in Corrientes before driving to Santa Ana, a very small quite village that is extremely old.  It is now a place where people have weekend homes.  The streets are not paved.  The soil in the area is sandy so the streets were all sand. As is normal in South American towns, the important things lie around the town square/plaza - the church, police station, town hall, and restaurants, etc. This village was simple, which was also reflected in the church.  As we were walking we saw the rest of our group in this same village.  We all ate at the same restaurant, which when we entered at 1:00 had no one else there, but when we left after 2:00 it was almost full.  We had a great meal of meat and fries.

Entrance to Santa Ana

Santa Ana Park

A Moped for Four

Santa Ana Church

Streets of Santa Ana

A House along the Street

Restaurant in Santa Ana

Making Empanadas

Lunch with Daniela, Fernando and Catalina


Our last stop was in the city of Resistencia, across the river from Corrientes.  Resistencia is in the providence of Chaco, which is Daniela’s providence.  They are known as the “City of Sculptures”.  Every year they have a festive worldwide competition (Bienal International Festival) where sculptures turn the plaza into an open-air studio. The park area displays the winning pieces.  It was lovely to see what artists had done.

Resistencia Sculpture Park

Statue to Eva Peron

Church in Resistencia - modern interior

Before saying good-bye to Daniela and returning to our host, we stopped for a cup of coffee in Resistencia.  We not only had coffee but chirpas.  This is a dough ball filled with cheese and then baked. What a lovely day, reconnecting with Daniela after all these years.  It definitely was a wonderful day. 

We returned to our host home at approximately 6:00, rested, and changed before going to dinner at the home of a friend. We learned this friend is an architect and an artist.  To our surprise, he was the one who painted the cupola of the theater we saw this morning, in 2005.  His home is decorated with wonderful pieces of art and antique furniture.  He so wanted to show Nenu’s American friends the best hospitality in Argentine. We began with great appetizers and wine.  What an evening, the table was full of glasses, (every person had 6 glasses) and we ended with champagne.  All the glasses were a real high quality crystal from Europe.  It was amazing the sound they made when you tapped two glasses together.  It was the sound of a clear bell. We have never heard anything like this, but then we have never been around this quality crystal.  Also, the champagne glasses were different colors – vibrant colors.    

Our Host's Dining Room

Entrance to our Host's House

The Main Course - Paella


French Crystal

Our meal was a great paella and ended with a wonderful tiramisu and champagne.  Eating, eating, it seems that that is all we do!! And at late hours!  There is no time to digest your food before you go to bed.  

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