Monday, June 8, 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015: Cordoba to Buenos Aires, Argentina

We were up early, returned the car at the airport, checked in and went to the gate.  We waited and waited as they loaded another flight to leave at 9:05, but they never loaded ours until it was past departure time.  All of a sudden our flight did not appear on any departures boards!!  OOPS!! What is happening???  Well due to the fog yesterday (we drove in it - and it was dense at times) the airport here was closed. Apparently the fog was more dense in BsAs, so that both BsAs airports (Domestic & International) were closed all day.  (We talked to a guy who was due to be home last night at 1:00 am on the last flight of the day, but the BsAs airports were still closed).  Anyway due to these closures everything is backlogged, and we are feeling the effects. 

Our flight was rescheduled to leave at 12:08, but Cal went to the counter at 11:15 to be told the flight is just now loading in BsAs to come this way.  It is a 1 ¼ hour flight, and there will be at least a ½ hour turnaround.  If we get to the hotel in BsAs by 3:00 this afternoon we will be doing well!! I guess patience is the name of the game when it comes to travel!! We chatted with a gal going to BsAs for the birthday party of her 2 year old granddaughter - she is extremely unset as she was planning to do some baking, etc. plus she will be returning tomorrow night (Sunday) due to being at work on Monday – her time will be extremely short in BsAs.

View of Argentina countryside from plane - just outside Cordoba
We will be in BsAs until next Wed so at least it will not inconvenience our sightseeing as much as the delayed flights did here in Cordoba. 

Later: We finally arrived in Buenos Aires (BsAs) at 3:30 pm! This time for a few days!  We are not renting a car while visiting BsAs so we used a taxi to get to our reserved hotel – a Howard Johnson Boutique Hotel – Very nice place in the Recoleta area of BsAs.  At check-in we made a decision to book a Tango Show for later in the evening (8:30).  A bus picked us up at the door of the hotel which was great – the meal (we ordered pork loin stuffed with figs) and show was wonderful.  We had a lovely evening.  It was 12:30 before the bus dropped us off again at the hotel.  Note: The Tango show cost US $160 if you used a credit card and US $100 if you paid in greenback cash – interesting!

Lobby of La Ventana Tango Show

Our Waiter with Rachel

No pictures during show - photo captured at finale. Note Argentina flag

With two of the Dancers

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