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Monday, June 15, 2015: Corrientes, Argentina to Posadas, Argentina

We planned to be packed to leave Corrientes around 11:00 and we did!  We are on our way to Posadas, Argentina where we will be staying tonight.  On our way we stopped at Itati to see the Basilica located there.  The legend is that a virgin was found in the river at this point, and they built a Basilica. 
Stations of the Cross Along the Road

The Basilica Itati

Chapel behind the Alter with "The Virgin"

"The Virgin"
On our way to Itati we have been following the Rio Parana which was located to our left.  There were many times we could see the river.  At one location they have built a hydroelectric dam. Yacyreta Dam also has locks for river traffic.  We have seen barges on the river – they are recycled ones from the Mississippi River – isn’t that interesting? 

Central City Park

Lunch with the Street Dogs
Mate Cup display in the Market
I want to mention things we have seen along the way – a few John Deere tractors, New Holland Equipment and Caterpillar Equipment.  We also saw a large number of cattle on the open range.  When there are cattle, often there are also some horses in the area.  Every once in a while we saw gaucho’s (cowboys) on their horses.  Another common site has been police standing along the road, stopping cars.  They have never detained us for which we are happy.

Along the road you often see shrines to those killed in accidents.  There seem to be special shrines too – these are painted in red and have red flags attached to the trees surrounding the shrine.  You see shrines all along the roadside with red ribbons blowing in the wind".

Here is the legend of Gauchito Gil. 

“Popular saint Gauchito Gil was a deserter from a 19th century provincial war.  On escaping to the mountains, he became a Robin Hood-type figure who stole from rich landowners to give to the poor.  His legend was sealed on his capture, where at his hanging he is said to have whispered to his executioner, “When you go home you will find your son dying. Pray for my intercession, for the blood of an innocent can perform miracles”.  The hangman returned home to find his son in agony.  After the child’s recovery he erected a cross hung with a red ribbon in honor of Gauchito.  Today these sites are adorned with red ribbons, and the candle- adorned shrine is covered with messages beseeching intercession of Gauchito.  Such is Argentina’s reverence for this popular saint, who is not recognized by the Vatican". 
Gauchito Gil Shrine

Cattle on the Range

Forestry - Tree Farm 

Tractor for Sale - The Bottle on top of the tractor indicates it is for sale

Straight Road over Flat Countryside

One of Numerous Police Stops


Motorcycles in Traffic
We arrived in Posadas at around 5:30, checked into the hotel, and then walked to the shop owned by Nenu’s cousin, in the downtown area, not too far from the hotel.  Restaurants do not open until 8:00 for dinner, so we window shopped for a little while – we were the first ones in the restaurant at 8:00.  When we are by ourselves we can choose our time for dinner.  We know tomorrow night will be different as we are being hosted by the Rotary Club of Encarnacion, Paraguay.

Today was basically a travel day. 
One Liter of Beer

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