Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anacortes to Concrete, Washington

Starting the Day at Lake Campbell
Today started with the threat of rain again, but it did not happen. As soon as Cal left the motel, ‘right out of the gate’ there was a steep hill he had to manage, but the rest of the day was remarkably level.

Right east of I-5 the terrain is level, the Skagit River delta.  Over the years silt has collected in this area, so it is rich farm land. This is the bulb area of Mt Vernon, Washington.  We left Hwy 20 to drive on the farm to market roads in the area.  We knew the early spring flower season was over, but we saw the fields of tulips already cut back, and daffodils finished blooming.  To our delight we saw fields of iris in bloom, we think possibly cabbage in bloom (for the seed - but are not sure it was cabbage), fields of blueberries in bloom, raspberries, spinach (80% of the worlds spinach seeds are grown here), and other fields that were just planted and coming up.  The landscape was very Hollandesque, level with small canals. A trip to this area in April when the tulips and daffodils are in full bloom would be ideal.

Cabbage? with beehive

Purple and White Iris with Daffodils in Foreground

After leaving the Mt Vernon area (yes it was named after George Washington’s home – Mt Vernon in Virginia), we came into the town of Sedro-Woolley.  By now it was .  The Rotary Club of Sedro-Woolley meets at on Thursday.  Perfect timing!  We have passed through other towns where there is a Rotary Club, but their weekly meeting did not occur while we were there. We found the Community Center where they meet, enjoyed a full meal, fellowship, and a program about the
United Way
serving this area.  As soon as Rotary was over, Cal was back on his bike heading east on Hwy 20.  He was beside the Skagit River, and it was level, level, level!  He was delighted with the ride, as he can see the snow covered mountains ahead of him!  As I mentioned yesterday, at one point Cal had low air pressure in his one tire, it happened again today, but this time he knew what was happening.  There was a pin hole puncture, so tonight he changed tubes. 

We arrived in Concrete, Washington (named due to the all the concrete that was made here when two dams were built in this area).  Last night I made reservation at the Eagle Nest Motel – a Mom & Pop motel, and they gave us an apartment for tonight. We were not in our room more than 5 minutes when it began to rain. Perfect timing!!  As I said yesterday, they do not have internet, but when Cal tethers his Blackberry to his laptop, we have service and will be able to send this note to you.  Do not expect the same tomorrow night (and possibly Sat night) as we will very likely be in a tent!!!!! It all depending how Cal does tomorrow and Sat.  On Saturday Cal will be trying to get over Rainy Pass at 4800 ft and 5 miles later Washington Pass at 5500 ft.  From Washington Pass to the town of Winthrop, it is all down hill!!

After dinner tonight in downtown Concrete (population 900 – with 5 watering holes) we drove up into the mountains to Baker Lake and Dam.  The sun was trying to shine through the clouds, but we could not see Mt Baker.  We did see a herd of Elk grazing in a meadow.   

Baker Dam near Concrete Washington

Baker Lake near Concrete Washington

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  1. What beautiful countryside! I pray you're having a nice weekend camping and it doesn't get too cold. I've always enjoyed Skagit...there's doesn't seem to be a bad time to visit!