Monday, June 20, 2011

Glasgow to Wolf Point

Tonight we are in Wolf Point, a town on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, and we just witnessed the most unusual rainbow.  It was pouring rain and at the same time the sun was shining, so I began looking for a rainbow.  I can say this rainbow was brightest, fullest one I have ever seen, plus it was a double rainbow.  However the second one was not as bright as the main one. The interesting things was it that it lasted for at least 20 minutes, and after that we could still see pieces of it.

Double Rainbow over Wolf Point, MT

Double Rainbow over Wolf Point, MT
Today was another beautiful day for riding.  The sun was shining, it was not too hot, and no rain. 
We continued to see more flooding from the Missouri River.

Flooded Milk River near Nashua, MT

Flooded Milk River near Nashua, MT

I arrived at Wolf Point before and checked into the motel we had reserved.  It was approx when Cal arrived after only riding 50 miles.  We had a light lunch and he continued riding, turning south at this point.  He began riding the Big Sky Back Country Byway.  It begins just south of the Ft Peck Reservation and goes through beautiful rolling countryside.  The farmsteads look prosperous. Cal wanted to ride part of this route this afternoon, so his day tomorrow will be more manageable - 70 miles instead of 95 miles, until we reach our overnight destination town.  

At this afternoon I drove to where Cal was located and brought him back to Wolf Point.  We really expected this type of scenario to occur more often, but this is the first.  

Not much else happened today!

Farm Land along the Big Sky Back Country ByWay

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