Monday, June 27, 2011

Mobridge to Faulkton, SD (100 miles)

Today was a dream ride!  The wind (15-20 mph) was at Cal’s back.  By the time we had lunch he had already gone 50 miles.  The town of Faulkton is 96 miles from Mobridge, so Cal rode east of town 4 miles so that he can say he rode 100 miles one day – thanks to the wind!  The sun was shinning all day and the high temp was in the upper 60’s.  With the wind, you did want to wear a cover-up to stay warm.

When deciding our route for the day, besides taking into consideration where we could stay tonight, we wanted to go by Hoven, SD, as they have a “Cathedral of the Prairie”.  What a surprise, a small town with this beautiful two spire Cathedral, completed in 1920.  It is known as “The Big Church in a Little Town”.  While Cal and I were inside looking around, a woman our age arrived.  She went to where a small amount of restoration was being done.  It was obvious faux painting/finish was going to be needed.  Since I have a little experience with faux graining, I began talking to her.  OH My!  We realized we were going to have a personal tour of the Cathedral.  Cal excused himself to keep riding (another 50 miles), but I knew I had plenty of time (most of the afternoon, if need be) for her to tell me anything she wanted.  This gal, a local parish volunteer, is an artist who had done hours of faux restoration on this Cathedral and other churches in the area.  She showed me her restoration work and we discussed her techniques.  They found the original stencils used for most of the designs in the attic of a parishioner. 

"Cathedral of the Prairie" - St Anthony of Padua Catholic church, Hoven S.D.



Ceiling Arches

Close up of ceiling

She began by telling me the history of this Cathedral, she showed me all the unique features of the Cathedral, told me all about the special features of the stain glass windows, even had me standing on the pews for a photo at just the right angle, and invited me to go to the balcony to have a closer look at the ceiling design.  A stain glass window behind the altar (I could see it, but not for a photo) is of the Virgin Mary and Joseph being married by the High Priest - it shows Joseph holding Mary's hand on which there is a wedding band. One of the stain glass windows in the santuary is of the Virgin Mary and you can see her wearing a wedding band. (photos below) Note the wedding band is on the right hand (European style). What a special afternoon, spent with a very talented woman.

Stained Glass Window Depicting The Virgin Mary

Stained Glass Window Depicting The Virgin Mary With Wedding Band

Close-Up of Mary's Hand and Wedding Band

Back on the road again!  The following are some photos taken along the way on a beautiful South Dakota day.

Yellowheaded Blackbirds - male and female, sitting on a fence near their nest in the marsh
Lazy afternoon on the South Dakota Prairie 

Tomorrow may be another interesting day – overnight the wind is change directions – being in Cal’s face tomorrow.  Say tuned as how far he goes!


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if you were given a tour by one of my aunts. Five of my mom's sisters live in Hoven, and several were involved in the restoration of the church!

  2. May I have permission to use the exterior photo of the "Cathedral of the Prairie" in a book of poems my father is writing? He and my mom were married at the church (and my mom grew up in Hoven--my brother Greg commented above.)

    The picture would appear small and in black & white on a page with a poem about Hoven.