Sunday, June 26, 2011

McLaughlin to Mobridge, SD

What a day, what a day, what a day!! The following photo will describe the day!

It was cloudy this morning, but we went west to where Cal stopped riding last evening, and he began riding.  As he rode the sky was becoming darker and darker until about the 7th mile, it began to pour.  I had been staying within sight of him, so I was right there when it began to rain.  We sat approximately 15 minutes until that storm passed and Cal was able to ride the half mile to a convenience store in McLaughlin. He parked the bike between the gas pumps under the canopy and we went inside for a cup of coffee while it poured again.  We actually sat inside for an hour and a half, before going out to the Envoy to take a nap.  Finally it stopped raining so Cal was able to make another effort at riding. We stopped two more times for storms to pass.  In the end Cal made it the whole way to Mobridge - 38 miles - shortest day of the whole trip, but the first day we have had to contend with severe storms.

I went to the Sitting Bull and Sacagawea (Sakakawea) monuments outside of Mobridge. The bust of Sitting Bull and both monuments over look the beautiful Missouri River valley and Lake Oahe.  The Oahe Dam on the Missouri River at Pierre, SD creates Lake Oahe that extends this far north. By the way, the towns name - Mobridge – is the creative name for a town with three bridges over the Missouri River at the junction of the Grand River flowing into the Missouri. The Missouri River is higher in this location than what is normal, but there is no flood danger.

Sacagawea Memorial Plaque on the Monument

Sacagawea Memorial Monument

Sitting Bull Bust and Memorial at Burial Site
Bridge across the Missouri River (Lake Oahe)
The temperature did not get out of the 60’s today.  It was simply damp and chilly, however early evening was beautiful, no rain, but there are more storms forecasted for overnight.  Tomorrow is to be clear with the wind from the northwest, so Cal hopes to get a lot of miles under his belt. Tonight Cal cleaned and oiled his bike after all the dirt and moisture today.

Today I saw two new (new to me) species of birds. I have enjoyed taking the time to watch birds. I just sit in the Envoy watch the marshes and roadsides with my binoculars while I am waiting on Cal. I guess that Ornithology (study of birds) class in college paid off!! One species eluded me for several days. They were only in marshes and they would not sit/stand still long enough to really look for makings. I decided to try to get photos of them (even if they were not fully in focus) and I finally identified them.

Bob, if you are reading this, there are plenty of Meadow Larks in this part of the country.  Even if I don’t see them, I hear them all the time

We are seeing more beef cattle on ranches, and are beginning to see a few fields of corn however wheat is still the main tillable crop.

A scene along the highway which indicates that you are in the TRUE West!

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  1. I love reading about your journey and really appreciate the history lessons and all of your wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.