Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Huron, SD to DeSmet, SD ( 43 miles):

Cal was warned by our friend Bill (who rode bike across the US too) that the South Dakota plain was one windy place!  Yesterday and today have confirmed his statement!  Today the ride had cross winds of 15-25 mph.  Cal rode into De Smet by and we began our ‘rest day’. He was definitely ready to stop.  Tomorrow the temperature will be in the mid 90’s, so it will be a good day to be in air conditioning at the motel.  However in the morning before it is too hot we want to check out all the sites in the area related to Laura Ingalls Wilder of “Little House on the Prairie”.  De Smet, SD is where Ma and Pa lived for many years. We can tell you more in tomorrow’s blog.

A View if the Flat South Dakota Countryside

This morning we drove back to where Cal stopped yesterday.  After Cal was on the road I returned to Huron and found an antique shop in which to browse.  At this point we do not know the direction we will precede on Friday – direction depends on the wind – east or south. If we go east I want to stop at Arlington, SD as they have several antique shops.

We are in one of the nicest motels so far – they have given us the suite since we will be here for 2 nights.  The other day we talked to friends on the phone – they wanted to know if we were staying in luxury motels.  Well no, not quite!  Some are definitely been nicer than others, but a lot of the small towns we have been passing through only have one or two motels, so we are lucky to have a bed.  All the places have been clean, almost all of them have had a refrigerator and a microwave, and we have been able to store the bike inside every night. So we cannot complain.

This afternoon was laundry day, and I also made an appointment so each of us will receive a much needed haircut tomorrow.

As I mentioned earlier the wind will not stop blowing over this flat prairie.  It is so flat you can see for miles and miles.  It is difficult to capture this concept on a photo.  I hope you enjoy some of my photos of bird life. This morning while passing a marsh I noticed the round hay bales placed in the water – ducks had built nests on the top of the bales.     
A View from the Drivers Seat

Out For a Morning Swim

Nest on a Hay Bale in the Marsh

A Pair of Western Grebe

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  1. Just checking in again after our vacation to San glad you've been blessed with a safe trip. And you're making great time, even with the weather! Looking forward to sharing your Little House visit with Lukas (Tom has been reading the books to the kids).