Saturday, June 18, 2011

Havre to Malta, MT (92 miles)

Most of you know Cal and I have had some international experiences.  We did not realize this trip would be as international as it has been in the past two days.  We have been to the Kremlin (Russia), Zurich (Switzerland), Malta (the island); Dunkirk (France) Devon (UK), Inverness (Scotland & New Zealand); and here in the States, Harlem (NY), and Fresno (CA).  Cal and I have been to all of these international locations except Malta, but our daughter has been there in the past year.  All of these are towns in Montana and we have driven through then on Hwy 2. 

We know in Minnesota you can buy tee shirts declaring “the Minnesota State Bird is the Mosquito”, however I am not sure that northern Montana cannot say the same!  Cal is trying to outrun them, and I keep the windows closed on the vehicle.  I have never seen mosquito’s swarm around a vehicle like they do here. Any time I stop they are all around. Is it true they are attracted to light colors?  So even if the temperature does warm up, I am not camping with these mosquitoes.

All day we followed the Milk River (its origin is in Canada). Being in the river valley, the ride continued to be fairly level, the temperature was almost perfect for riding, and since there was a tail wind Cal rode 92 miles. This was in spite of a 5 mile construction zone, and a 20 minute break for the daily rain storm.  It rains sometime everyday - (as I am writing, another rain storm is passing over us and I can see a rainbow from where I am sitting). We saw more extensive flooding today.
Result of Montana Flooding

Passing Rain Storm Clouds

Countryside near Malta, MT

Montana Horse Ranch
Today I took photos of several buildings who outlived their usefulness.  It would be interesting to know information about these buildings.  Who has lived there; when and how long they lived there; the origin of the residents; how many children lived there; and there are many more questions.  ‘If only those walls could talk’! 
Abandoned school

Two Mule Deer Posing for Rachel's Photo

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  1. Tom and I always thought mosquitoes were attracted to carbon dioxide (don't breathe out! turn off your car's engine!) But when I googled it, this site didn't mention CO2: I've only experienced mosquitoes like you describe in Alaska...thankfully I was prepared with netting.