Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clark Fork, ID to Libby, MT

Our destination for today was Libby, Montana, as there was really no place to stay along Rt 56.  We went from Idaho to Montana on Hwy 200 and then turned north on Hwy 56. 

It was primarily along a river and Bull lake so the grade was easy going today.  However due to the distance, and the time change (losing an hour) Cal decided he needed to leave earlier than we have been. When he got up this morning he realized it was misting rain!  So after a bowl of cereal at the motel he put on his rain gear and was on his way.  I got up as he was leaving, and was on my way an hour later – in the rain! 

Before I left I went into town for a cup of coffee.  I stopped at a bakery – maybe to pick up a snack for later in the morning.  I walked in and the gal baking rolls was dressed in a manner that I knew she was of the Mennonite religious group. I began to look around and realized this bakery was also a bulk food shop. I saw Diffenbach chips, sweet Lebanon Bologna, and cheeses, all from Lancaster County, PA.  I chatted with the gal, and yes there is a Mennonite community just over the border in Montana. She drives to Clark Fork each day to makes breads and rolls.

Misty Morning over Cabinet Gorge Dam Reservoir

Wetlands with Cabinet Mountains in the Background
It was a gentle rain, but the clouds were low over the Cabinet Mountain Range (of the Rocky Mountains) in this beautiful valley area.  It was disappointing not to see the full view of the mountains and valley.  However Cal saw 4 deer plus a black bear, whereas I just saw 1 deer! The bear was eating on something and after momentarily looking at Cal he crawled up into a tree behind some shrubs.  The photo Cal took of him is not in focus – sorry.     

By 9:30 the rain stopped and the clouds began to rise so that by noon the sun was shinning, However this afternoon while hiking back from the Kootenai Falls it began to rain. I caught up with Cal as it was beginning to rain hard.  He had stopped to put on rain gear, and when he sat down on the bike again he realized he had a flat tire.  He was getting off his bike as I pulled up.  We loaded the bike on the rack and he crawled in with me.  We decided to go ahead to the next town (6 miles), Libby, find a motel and fix his tire as it was . 
He found a glass shard in the tire!  Apparently when he stopped, he pulled off into glass. At the motel by the time the tire was fixed, the rain had stopped, so he decided he wanted me to take him back to where I picked him up and he wanted to ride into Libby yet tonight. Oops! As he was ready to load the bike he realized he has a second flat tire!  Another glass shard!  He rode into Libby by .
River Valley West of Cabinet Mountains

Cabinet Mountains Reflecting in a Lake

Libby is in a beautiful valley.  Tonight as we drove back to the motel from the restaurant we could see 5 snow capped peaks – they were from the east side of the Cabinet Mountains. Libby has beautiful sculptures of eagles.

Tomorrow we will begin from Libby to go toward Kalispell. We will see how far he gets tomorrow. 

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  1. Kootenai Falls is the one that I thought I was talking about when I emailed you to get a picture of Thompson Falls. (duh! I don't think there is a waterfall at Thompson Falls, MT.) We've driven past the Cabinet Mountains on hwy 56, too. Did you get to see the long wooden swinging bridge at Kootenai Falls? Anyway, you're getting to see some wonderful country. Safe travels... now... no more flat tires!!
    Kathy and Lou