Sunday, June 12, 2011

Libby MT to McGregor Lake, MT

Last night after we wrote and sent the blog we called ahead to The Lodge at McGregor Lake, Marion, MT.  Cal began figuring the miles and how far he will probably be able to ride in the next two days.  He thought he would like to be in West Glacier before he takes another rest day, so we are able to drive in and around Glacier NP.  However when talking to the guys here at The Lodge while making the reservation for today, they told me that the “Going to the Sun” road via Logan via Logan Pass is not open yet this season.  In fact there are aerial photos of the Visitors Center on Logan Pass showing it is still covered with snow! So I guess we won’t be going up there!  Cal has never planned to ride his bike over Logan Pass but we thought we would drive to the top on our day off.

This morning I slept in until Cal was ready to leave.  With a cup of coffee I wrote several emails and talked to our son (Tony) via phone before getting ready and packing the vehicle.  Tony asked what I do all day – I am often driving at 35-40 mph.  I stop often to take photos, and sometimes turn around to go back for the better setting.  If there is a place in interest, I pull off, read the signs, drive into places of interest, walk the short trails, and basically putz along! I often pull off so faster traffic can pass. This we had lunch along a stream and after Cal began riding again, I realized there was a flock of Cedar Waxwing birds in the area.  So I pulled out the camera and just sat still for probably 20 minutes, trying to get a good photo of them – there is just no reason to hurry along – that’s why you see my photos of flowers and birds!  To dispel any questions – I am not bored.  However it is very different for me to be going at this pace!! 

This morning after leaving Libby the Cabinet Mountain Range was beautiful.  Yesterday we had driven on the west side of the Range, but due to the weather were not able to fully enjoy it.  This morning was mostly clear, so viewing the Range from the east side was beautiful.  I stopped probably 5 or 6 times for photos.  We’ll show you the best one!
Eastern View of the Cabinet Range of the Rocky Mountains
Eastern View of the Cabinet Range

Eastern View of the Cabinet Range

Eastern View of the Cabinet Range

Farm along the Road in Montana
Tonight we are at The Lodge Motel – It is a rustic lodge with rooms and cabins along the lake. Beautiful setting! There is no phone service in this area! But they have WiFi in the Lodge - not in our rooms.

Cabin at The Lodge at McGregor Lake
There were no flat tires today, high of 63 degrees, a few sprinkles, but mostly fluffy clouds.  When the sun is shinning it is lovely, but when it is behind the clouds it is too chilly to be without a light jacket.

Cal rode 56 miles today, the last 9 miles had several good grades on it – one was 6 miles long!
He takes one hill at a time!  He is having no pain or problems.  But the Continental Divide looms ahead!!!


  1. I heard of your adventure on KILJ - and we know Cal from school and sporting events. So glad to be able to follow your trek. Your blogs are so wonderful - and the pictures are amazing. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. It's so great what good time Cal is making! I'll bet he feels in great shape by this time. I've often thought about this trip you are taking together, but apart...but I'm sure you catch up on what the other saw when you stop for meals and for the night. Praying for a continued safe journey...