Monday, June 6, 2011

Winthrop to Bridgeport, Washington

As I am typing this, we are sitting in front of a fire at our campsite in Bridgeport. Wish we had some marshmallows to roast!!  It is a beautiful evening, but we will soon need our jackets.  We are again along a river, this time the Columbia River.  We are near the Chief Joseph Dam which is a 5,600 ft ‘L’ shaped dam with 27 power generators.  Right now with the spring snow melt the spillway gates are partly open.  There is a lot of power coming over the falls - you can feel the ground trembling.  There are about 10 power producing dams on the Columbia River.   

The valleys we have followed today are full of orchards – apples, pears and cherries – none of the fruit is ripe yet this season – I was hoping for cherries. In fact, the wood we are burning in the fire is cherry wood from tree pruning. All the fruit, wheat, plus pasture land is irrigated – anything that is lush green has been watered. 
Orchards along the Columbia River
Orchard along the Methow River
Cherry Trees
Rippening Cherries

It continued to be a downhill ride for Cal – It was one of the easiest 62 miles Cal has ridden.  In spite of another flat tire everything continues to go well.  The weather was in the 80s with sunshine all day, plus low humidity.  Our good luck with the weather continues.  It is early June and the sun does not set early this far north in Washington, but the evenings do cool down.       

I want to make one more comment regarding Winthrop. If anyone ever travels through that area the Methow Cabins and Lodge is a fabulous place to stay.  Rich and Dolly treat you like you are in their home.   

Tomorrow our goal is a motel in Wilbur, Washington. We will be seeing Grand Coulee Dam along the way. 

Chief Joseph Dam - Gates open
Chief Joseph Dam


  1. Your photo's are wonderful! You really have a knack for showing the area to it's fullest along your route. Glad to see that you've arrived in Bridgeport and are having great weather!

  2. Cal
    We came down from BC from Alaska on Highway 97 and then east to Grand Coulee and then south to Wilbur and then east to home. So we kind of know what the scenery is like. Enjoy reading the blog