Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wolf Point, MT to Glendive, MT

We are still in Montana – seems like this State will not stop!  However we have started our southward swing.  Tonight and tomorrow we will spend here in Glendive, MT.  It is time for Cal to have a rest day.  The waitress tonight said there isn’t anything to do in Glendive, but our next stop is Baker, Mt which has less to do!! So we are staying here for our rest day. 

This morning soon after I dropped Cal at the place where I picked him up last night, I was probably 4 miles ahead of him, when just up the hill in front of me two adult mule deer with what I think were twin fawns crossed the road. I had not yet taken the camera out of the case, so till I stopped and had the camera ready, they were well down in the wheat field. However here is the photo I did shoot of them.

Mule Deer, One Female Appears to have Twins
Today while on the Big Sky Byway we passed the Montana Badlands. It is a relatively small area, but nether-the-less similar topography as the Dakota Badlands.

Montana Bad Lands

Half of today’s the route followed a railway. When a road follows railroads the grades are more level and any climbs are more gradual. The first part of the day was on a route cross country – the road was up and down over each ridge in the landscape, so Cal was ready for something more level. 

Railway with Wooden Tressel
Again late this afternoon there was another rain storm. This time we saw three rainbows – not all at the same time.  While the first one was dim a second one developed.  It was very unique.  It basically was horizontal– It was on the horizon – the horizon shone with color and later it did create an arch.  Later there was a nice sunset. 

Another Afternoon Montana Rain Storm

Another Afternoon Montana Rain Storm

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