Friday, June 24, 2011

Baker, MT to Hettinger, ND

Today we said goodbye to Montana and hello to North Dakota. Cal has ridden 798 miles in Montana.

Oil Storage Tanks with Wind Generators in the Background
Tonight, our only night in North Dakota is in Hettinger – along Hwy 12. Hwy 12 again follows another BNSF rail line. Cal rode 85 miles today.  As I wrote before, yesterday the wind was out of the east and would have been in Cal’s face had he ridden yesterday.  Last night a storm passed through (). Within minutes after it began to rain, the wind shifted so it was coming out of the west.  This morning was clear, sunny and a lovely temperature. 

Hwy 12 is on the very south end of the N Dakota Badlands. We did see some unique formations.
Southern Edge of the North Dakota Badlands

Mushroom Formations in the North Dakota Badlands

Other than these North Dakota Badland formations, when it is not wheat fields, it was grazing for cattle.

The last few days I have been able to dispose of magazines, after I have read them!  The little towns hardly have a convenience shop, much less anything else to do.  I have been driving ahead of Cal approximately 10 miles, stopping, and reading until he catches up.  By coming south in Montana we have avoided the mosquitoes and the gnats. It is so nice to be able to open the windows while I am waiting for Cal, something I could not do farther to the north.

Storms are predicted for tonight, with wind out of the east, but by morning the wind is to be out of the west again. Bikers are very aware of the wind direction and are always looking which way the flag is blowing.

Once Used Elevator along the BNSF Rail Line

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